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The Andong Tours

Andong Tour
Exploring Yogyakarta City, scenery, & Surrounding

Indonesia has some traditional transportation that looks really unique. Indonesians like to use it because it is cheap and they can find it everywhere. The andong is a cart that needs a horse to pull it. It is similar to the Cinderella carriage but is a skinny cart. The andong can fit two or four people who face each other. The driver is sitting in front of the carriage to control the horse. In the past, the Andong was oftenly used by the family member of Keraton for travelling from one place to another. Andong in Yogyakarta are mostly two wheeled and single horse.

Enjoy the unique experience of fascinating and fantastic traditional views to the villages by these mean of transportations. Feel like home and fresh breathing air. We enjoy The Palace, views and meet easygoing local people in their daily life.

This Route (6 hours)
This tour begins from pick up point (at the hotel), , we explore through very tranquil City roads. Along the way, we see scenery, highlight, people on daily routine work and study. Toward to Kraton Palace, wheres the King of Yogyakarta (Sultan) live. Afterwards, we continue our tour to Leather Puppet Processing, its one of a place behind the palace. Puppets are more than a symbol, its a part of Javanesse inner culture. You also get served of some traditional sweet and snack, rest and see the processing. The toure will continue with walking toward Water Castle, one of the important place in Yogyakarta Heritage. Arround one and half hour, enjoy the place, see how people arround living and making Batik and the processing. Then back to Horse cart, passing the back side of Dalem Beteng (Inside Fortress Wall), and toward to Kota Gede. Lies about five kilometers southeast Yogyakarta This is an old area, wheres the Founder of Mataram Kindom rest in peace. This area, also famous as silver smith production. Traditional and modern design, they made. We drop by and see hows the processing also. You can get a lunch here,if you want, inside one restaurant, with javanesee custom and architecture place. The Prices are IDR 200.000 (Euro 17)/person, its include Andong transportation, snack and mineral water, entrance fee & guide service.

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