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Car & Motorcycle
Driving License

You can drive in Indonesia on an international driver's license.

In the US, there are only two agencies that can issue valid US IDPs. Other organizations issuing them are not issuing official US State Department sanctioned permits. Now, that is not to say that Indonesian officials will know this or won't accept the other permits. For International Drivers' Licenses issued in the US, consult the following information source - AATA. On the other hand you can obtain an international driver's license in Indonesia which is valid in other countries around the world.

One Day License for Tourists
The Indonesian government is starting a new process of "1 day licensing" for foreign visitors. You have to pay somewhere around Rp 100.000 - Rp 150.000 and they'll take your photo and issue your temporary license in one day. The cost of the license varies according to the length of validity (months, year, etc).

Fuel & Spare Parts
In recent years the price of petrol has leapt substantially at irregular intervals. At the time of writing it costs Rp 4.500 per litre. There are numerous petrol stations around the larger towns, but out in the villages they can be difficult to find. Small roadside shops sell small amounts of petrol; look for 'yellow coloured bottle' with a bensin sign or reads press ban (tyre repairman). There are issues saying some of the petrol from those stands are mixed with kerosene (lower in quality). It's best to refill whenever you see a petrol station (pompa bensin)

Car Hire
The price of car rental will vary according to both location and vehicle. Indonesia has regular car-rental agencies in the large cities such as major cities in Java (Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, etc), where a rental costs around US$100 per day. It's generally cheaper to hire a car and driver for Rp 350.000 - Rp 500.000 per day. In most cases, the price includes unlimited mileage, but you supply the petrol.

If you are group travelers in Java, renting a minibus can be a particularly good deal. The minibuses are comfortable, are go-almost-anywhere vehicles, and can take up to six people plus luggage in comfort. Car or minibus rental, including driver but excluding petrol, costs Rp 450.000-Rp 700.000 per 12 hours.

Check our price list on this site for your reference.

Toyota Avanza 5 Seater
Toyota Kijang Inova 7 Seater
Kia Pregio 9 Seater
Isuzu Elf 11 Seater

For bigger group you should consider to rent below buses :

Small Tourist Bus (Up to 19 Persons)
Big Tourist Bus (Up to 30 Persons)

Motorcycle Hire
You'll find that motorcylces are readily available for hire throughout Indonesia although Bali is still the easiest way to find one. In Bali they can be rented from around Rp 30.000 per day, but in most places the locals rent out their own motorcycles to earn a few extra rupiah.

Rental charges vary with the type of bike and the lengthe of hire. The longer the hire period, the lower the rate; the bigger or newer the bike, the higher the rate.

Motorcycles are almost all between 90cc-125cc, with 100cc the average size. You really don't need anything bigger; the roads are rarely suitable for fast speeds.

Indonesia in general is not a place to learn how to ride. The main highways are hectic, especially in Java & Bali. Combined with all the normal hazards of motorcycle riding, narrow roads, unexpected potholes, buses and trucks that claim road ownership, children who dart onto the road, and much more. Take it slowly and cautiously around curves to avoid hitting oncoming traffic - this may include very large and heavy buses, buffalo, and children. Keep to the back roads as much as possible where riding can be much more pleasurable.

You need to have a licence, especially to satisfy 'travel insurance' in case of an accident - though you'll rarely need to show it except if you're driving without a helmet and caught by the police.

Some travel insurance policies do not cover you if you are involved in an accident while on a motorcycle. Check the small print.

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