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Leather Puppet processing

Seeing Puppet Shadow Making Process
11 Aug 2011 Posted By Azura

Seeing Puppet Shadow Making Process

Leather Puppet Making Process

Shadow puppet is the traditional art of Indonesia, which primarily develops in Java and to the east of Peninsular Malaysia such as Kelantan and Terengganu. Puppet was created King of the Kingdom Jayabaya Mamenang / Kediri around the 10th century.

Shadow puppets as a depiction of human characters in the staging, has become one of the attractions of tourism in Yogyakarta. In English, the puppet known as "shadow puppet" which means shadow.

Talking about the making of puppets, will not be separated from the art of sculpting. In this craft, the object is carved buffalo skin as a base for making puppets. The reason why the buffalo leather is used as a base for puppet-making based more on the quality of the tough skin.

Puppet-making, especially the puppets for the show, must comply with standard that already exist. The process of making a puppet character varies depending on the size and character of the puppet itself.

Puppet Making Skin Preparation
Shadow puppets made of buffalo skin generally. Why buffalo skin? Because it does not contain much oil. Cowhide for example, has a high oil content so that the drying process can be for weeks. Buffalo skin has been dried in the sun can be directly dried after 4 to 5 days.

Buffalo newly exfoliated skin dried in the sun with a stretched position. If the weather is overcast, the whole surface sprinkled with salt water buffalo leather that does not quickly decay. Once completely dry, the skin re-soaked for one night, then dried again. Only when dried for the second time the feathers are attached to the skin scraped off with a knife.

Equipment used to make shadow puppets are sharp metal edges. Normally iron is taken from the fingers of a motorcycle. Basically, this iron from the steel used to organize or make various shapes of holes. Try to look at shadow puppets, there are many carvings are made up completely hollow.

Making Process
The first thing to do is copy an image or pattern that already exists. After that cut according to shape. Ready-made patterns consist of several parts. Parts are installed first hand. On hand there are two connections: the upper arms and elbows. How to connect it with a small screw made of buffalo or cow horn. To move the arm used stems blackish color that is also made of buffalo horn.

If you notice, there are a few golden-colored shadow puppets. Gold color was obtained from the leaf, gold color paper taped. Another way is to dibron, painted with a powder that is melted. Puppet using prada result is much better because the color is much longer.

One of the craftsmen puppet owned by Sub Palace is the father Sugeng. He started the business about 20 years ago. Sugeng father puppet gallery is located at Taman Sari tourist environment. Gallery which also serves as a house, save a variety of puppet characters of his work. The gallery was frequented by foreign tourists who want to know about puppets and how to make it. Remembering the father of artificial puppet Sugeng only sold in the gallery alone, tourists can see and buy at once to get the information you want known.

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