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Motor Bike Tour To Cerme Cave

Cerme Cave Caving during a trip to Jogja? Why not? It is one one of possible adventure one can do in Jogja. The damp and gloomy will be nothing compared to fun and experience one will get from it. For first timer, pick the easy one with relatively easy terrain. Pick Cerme! Gua Cerme, or Cerme cave, is situated 22km south from downtown of Yogyakarta. It is not far from the Parangtritis street on Selopamioro village of Imogiri, Bantul. Driving from Jogja, there is a sign showing the cave’s location somewhere nearby Kretek, the longest bridge along the road that is crossing Opak river. Physically, Cerme Cave is a 1.200 m alley underneath a limestone hill. It will take 3-4 hours for inexperienced in group to reach the other end. Stalactite, stalagmite, and chambers of various width decorate the interior. According to a local myth, It was Wali Songo, 9 saints in the history of Islam in Java, who found this cave for the first time on early Islamic era in Java. Under their guidence, villagers used the cave as the place for tafakur (meditation) and discussion to arrange dakwah strategies. It is, therefore, some spots on the interior got names with Javanese-Nuslim nuances. Cerme Cave (Visitingjogja.com) From the cave’s entrance in Srunggon, Imogiri, you will meet Watu Kaji (Hajj stone), Pelungguhan/paseban (seat), Kahyangan (nirvana), Grojogan sewu (thousand falls), air penguripan (fountain of life), gamelan, batu gilang (glittering stone), and many others. The exit is at Ploso of Giri Tirto village, Panggang, Gunung Kidul. However, you don’t have explore all the length to have a fun adventure. The mostly taken leght is 100-200 m deep from the entrance and back. Bringing proper caving gear such helmet and headlamp and accompaniment from a local guide will add up to your comfort in exploring the cave. As parts of the cave are filled with fresh water, extra clothes is a necessity. from One thing for sure, you will get wet after exploring the cave so make sure to bring some to change. If you intend to do a more serious exploration, bring along an experienced guide. If lucky, you will get extra attraction of traditional ceremonies held in the cave’s front yard, namely Merti Dusun and Jodhangan. This preserved cultural tradition is held every Sunday coincide with Pahing, a day in 5 days-cycle of Javanese week, on month Besar of Javanese calendar year. Cerme Cave is one of top priorities if you wish for an adventure in Jogja. This will be a great place for having a thrill after visiting common interest such as Malioboro, Keraton, Prambanan, and Borobudur. 

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