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Yogjakarta Water Castle

Tamansari Yogyakarta | Heritage Site Palace of Nyayogyokarto

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Tamansari Yogyakarta - Yogyakarta Heritage Site

The Sultanate of Yogyakarta can’t escape the history of Yogyakarta special region. The triumph of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta in antiquity is reflected in the buildings of the Palace’s magnificent, beautiful, and authoritative. One of the buildings of Yogyakarta Kingdom are quite famous is the building or Palace of Tamansari water Castle. Building water Castle is a two building into one, namely the Castle and the building.

One Of The Entrance Gate Tamansari, Yogyakarta

In addition to the Sultanate of Yogyakarta, Tamansari water Castle has several pesanggrahan Warungboto, like Manukberi, Ambarbinangun and Holiday Fun. All of which serve as a place Sultan and their families. In addition to the components show as a resting place, the building-building has always had a defence component. So too with just a water Castle.

history of Yogyakarta - Tamansari Palace

Baths Of The Kings Of Yogyakarta Palace

Tamansari is located to the West region of Yogyakarta Kingdom is still in the scope of the Castle Palace. the name Taman sari’s mean as a park that is very beautiful and fascinating. Tamansari water Castle, which was at the time served as a place of recreation building and bulwark for Sultan-wife of the Sultan and their whole family of Yogyakarta Kingdom. This appears to be from the existence of a complete with his boat segaran, hallways, swimming baths and changing places, swimming pool, exercise room for dancing, kitchen and so on.

Tourism Places In Yogyakarta is Tamansari - Water Castle

Water Castle built in the former old palace building Garjitawati, which was founded by Susuhunan Paku Buwono II as a place to break a horse-drawn carriage will go to Imogiri. As leader of the project construction of the water Castle also founded Mangundipuro. The rest of the construction costs incurred by Regent Madison, also founded Prawirosentiko, all its people. Therefore the Madiun was released from the levy of taxes. In the middle of the construction of the project was taken over by Prince Notokusumo, after Mangundipuro stepped down. Although officially as Royal Garden, but some buildings indicate water Castle served as the last bulwark if attacked by enemy Palace. It was said that one of the architects of this Royal gardens is a Portuguese known as Demang Stadium Tegis.

One Of The Charms Of Yogyakarta - Taman Sari

It was said that symbolically taman sari can be defined as a means of liaison who indirectly linking birth and inner between the sultan and his people. Around water Castle is also the Centre of the Village Park is a batik to batik painting craft specifically.

Heritage Sites in Yogyakarta - Tamansari

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